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Darlinhart Fantasia (Tash) - Loved by Noel & Lyn from Cooroy

"Our Darlinhart Puppy - Tash" kindly written by Lyn

Last year we were looking for a puppy to keep our 5 year old German Shorthaired Pointer company and after comparing lots of different breeds of dogs we couldn't find one any better than our Skye.

We finally found a breeder that wasn't too far from where we live and after quite a few phone calls and lots of emails (complete with photos), we chose our lovely Tash. Tanya couldn't have been more helpful in helping us to choose our new puppy, we explained to her the kind of dog we were looking for and after suggesting a few pups we chose Tash. You can see her on this website she is pictured below.

Tash has proved to be everything we wanted, she is fun (a little naughty at times), very intelligent and most of all she is developing into a very affectionate pup (just loves to snuggle up to us). Although Tash is just a pet she does show tendencies to hunt, we have a bird-feeder and often some King Parrots and Rosella come to feed and she just loves to stalk them, she doesn't rush at them and the birds allow her to get just close enough before flying away. Of course we spoil both our dogs by letting them into our house and they even sleep inside at night but they are outside during the day when we are out.

We couldn't recommend these pups any more highly along with the co-operation and support that both Tanya and Matt have given us. I feel confident that if you are looking for a great companion then a Darlinhart GSP puppy is what you need.