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Darlinhart Learning To Fly (Macy) - Baby girl of Teneille from Ballarat

"An Update on Miss Macy" kindly sent in by Teneille

Here is a little update on our beautiful girl Macy.... So, the first three pictures above is what you guys parted with at the Brisbane airport, on the 11th May 2013, the most gorgeous girl, who slept lots, ate more than enough and chewed all the usual things like socks and shoes......

And now a year on, this is what I have now....she is still the most gorgeous girl. She LOVES lots of cuddles and rarely leaves my side, mostly for fear that she'll miss out on something I'm sure (she definitely has the GSP trait of thinking she's a person lol). When I pick up the car keys she's at my side within seconds, she owns the backseat and if she needs to share it with an actual person you should see the look on her face....not impressed. If you make the mistake of picking up a tennis ball in the back yard, that's it, you've just lost half a day. She just does not get tired of chasing it.....and if you get her out in the paddock well....that little nose of hers goes and goes and goes! And, If there happens to be a dam in the paddock...well.....do I even need to explain?

Anyway, as you can see guys, Macy is doing really well down here in Ballarat.....actually she probably doing a bit too well, haha. Between her and my son, I'm note sure who runs the show or who is more spoilt. Although, that said....she is a very smart and obedient dog, she does do all the right things like....sit at her bowl of food and wait until I say go...but she still loves pinching socks out of the washing basket lol. I am without a doubt 100% happy with my baby girl and may well be back for number two one day in the future. Thank you soooooo much, again!